Here are the results from our October match. Congratulations to Dewey Hales, who swept both the GSM and Modern Military categories. His GSM score was 281.07 and his Modern Military score was 293.08. Not only that, but his MM score was enough to beat the previous club record, coincidentally also held by Dewey. Congratulations!

Looks like the weather has finally turned in our favor. Last Saturday was a great day to be out on the range. It started a bit foggy for the first relay, but the fog was about gone before they finished their sighters. And by the time the second relay started, we had clear skies and cool(ish) weather. Who could ask for anything more! Congratulations to Dewey Hales, who swept both categories to take home both the GSM and Modern Military gold pins. And welcome to new member Robert Edwards.

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It should come as no surprise to anyone that Saturday's match was another hot and humid one. August is pretty consistent that way. Still, we had a great turnout and some stiff competition in the modern and vintage categories. First of all, a big "welcome back" and congratulations to Chris Kurek, who won the GSM gategory with a score of 267.03. And in the Modern Military, Dewey Hales brought home the medal with a score of 292.10, setting a club record in the process.

The rain threatened to shut us down Saturday morning, but in the end, the cloud cover made for a great morning to shoot our Vintage Sniper Match. Maybe for the first time in club history, we can say that we had a match in July where the temperature never got over eighty degrees!

Whether you made it to the match on Saturday or not, you probably don't need me to tell you that it was a hot one! Between the ninety degree plus heat and the humidity, it was the definition of a "black flag" day. For those that don't know, that's a term the military uses for a day that's so hot, all "nonessential" activities are suspended.Well, for those of us with M1 Garands in our blood, the match on Saturday was definitely essential! We ended up with eight shooters overall, with three competitors in the Modern Military class. And I think we had a DEGS first this month: one shooter, Dewey Hales took home the gold medal in both the GSM and Modern Military categories. Congratulations! See below for the complete match results.0