John Wallace was a founding member of the Down East Garand Shooters. In fact, the club was founded in his living room and he helped draft our by-laws and constitution. He was a US Marine and an FBI agent, but most of us know him as an avid collector of firearms, especially the M1 Garand. In fact, many DEGS members can trace their love of the Garand directly to John's passion for the rifle. John passed in 2010, and DEGS held its first John Wallace Cup match that same year.



Every June, DEGS remembers John the best way we know how, with a Garand match. The name of the match winner is added to the cup, and the winner holds the trophy until passing it on to the winner the following year.


Year Winner Score
2010 Matt Rever 272.05
2011 Lenn Norment 281.06
2012 Clint Randles 280.05
2013 Clint Randles 274.03
2014 Dewey Hales 279.03
2015 Chris Hymen 278.04
2016 Abe Wallie 282.02


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