Our May match was again small but the competition remained stiff. Tony Simonetti claimed the Gold in the Garand match shooting 276-3X. Jason Cisarano took the top honors in Modern Military shooting 270-1X. A full listing of the match score can be found on our website.

Our April match was small, but the competition was every bit as fierce as our larger matches. Joe McMillian took home the gold with a score of 279-3X. Tyler Spring won the modern military category with a score of 252-4X. A full list of the April scores can be found below.

We had a great turnout for our first match of the season as we welcomed five new shooters to the firing line firing both vintage and modern military rifles. aking top honors with the Garand and modern military was Dewey Hales posting scores of 280-3X and 290-6X respectively. Full results can be found below.

Congratulations go out to Tony Simonetti and Richard Martinez winners in the Garand and Modern Military classes at our last match. Tony won top honors with the Garand shooting a 274-2X and Richard swept away the competition shooting 296-11X. The full results can be found below.

The weather held off last weekend as 13 shooters came out for the October match. A shower did provide a little rain but we were able to get in both relays. Tony Simonetti took top honors in the modern military category posting a score of 292-11X. In the GSM category Chris Hymen was the top shooter posting a score of 281-4X. Full match results can be found on our website.