The John C. Wallace Memorial Trophy made a trip to the shop to have another level added for the names of future winners of our special rememberance of John C.Wallace, a revered member and supporter of Down East Garand Shooters! This years winner of this coveted trophy is Tony Simonetti, Congratulations to Tony who will get to place this on his mantle for the ensuing year!

September saw a beautiful day for enjoying our sport. Attendance was good and the fellowship was even better. The GSM Match was won by James Minturn shooting a 290-9X. He reinforced that win by shooting the wood gun again, firing 284-3X. Nice shooting tex! Crystal Pearl also won Silver and Bronze with her twofers. Crystal shot a pair of 277-2X and 271-02X. Mark Valletta drug up the rear for Bronze shooting a 253-3X

Tony Simonetti braved the Modern Military category all by himself shooting a cut score of 280-3X. The Unlimited Modern Military category saw a number of shooters. Joe McMillan took the Gold shooting an impressive 288.9X. Jason Cisarano was literally nipping at Joe's heels shooting a 288-8X for a sliver match pin. And Bill Jolley was not far behind shooting 272-0X to claim a Bronze match pin.

Please take time to introduce yourself to our newest member Jimmie Zeilinski who came out to particiapte in his first ever Garand Match. Our next match is to be held on October 22nd. Hope to see many of you who have not been able to attend lately. Come early to help set up the range if you can. First shots down range at 8:30 AM. Y'all come on out now, you hear! ;<)

Complete DEGS Sept 2022 Match Results