The Few! The Brave!

Might have been the threat of rain, heat, or just the collision of a lot of folks with end of summer plans. Be that as it may five hardy shooters broke out their rifles and put some shots on target. James Minturn is never a stranger to the Gold. James broke out the wood gun and shot a great 287-9X to bring home a gold GSM club pin. Crystal Pearl Shot a solid 275-4X to claim a silver GSM club pin. William Cale was the Modern Military match winner shooting a 241-3X. And in the Unlimited Modern Military match Jason Cisarano and Joe McMillan dooked it out to the end. Jason's offhand score made the difference as he finished up with a 286--12X shooting a solid 92-2X standing to claim a gold club pin. Joe was literally right on his bumper finishing up with a 285-6X making the cut score for a bronze CMP pin.

With Labor Day behind us by the next September Match on the 17th I hope to see plenty of lead flying downrange. Come on out to support the activities of the club and enjoy the fellowship of friends! Y'all come back now, ya' hear!

DEGS August 2022 Complete GSM Match Results