We were finally able to get our first match of the season in on June 20. It was a bittersweet match as we said hello to everyone, commemorated one of the founders of DEGS, John Wallace, and said goodbye to Richard Martinez who is transferring to Quantico as he furthers his Marine Corps career.

Our overall match winner was Joe McMillian who turned in an impressive 289-4X. His score surpassed all other competitors with the Garand as he earned the 2020 John Wallace memorial cup. Jason Cisarano turned in the high score in the as-issued modern military category with 273-3X. Dewey Hales took top honors in the unlimited modern military class with a 290-7X. For a full breakdown of scores, see below.

We thank all competitors who came out and look to see everyone at the July match on the 18th.

DEGS Complete June 2020 Match Results