The weather held off last Saturday and although it was hot and humid, it was a great day to be on the range. Congratulations this month go to our match winner Dewey Hales with a score of 284.04. Congratulations are also extended to Tony Simonetti, winner of the modern military class with a score of 279.02. Complete match results are posted below.


We are proud to announce the completion of the first ever DEGS Postal Match, and congratulations to our first match winner, Chris Hymen who fired a score of 95.03. Anyone interested can contact us for more information. The rules are simple: we mail you targets and you put one shot per bullseye (10 total) at 50 yards from the prone position, no time limit. The entry fee is $5 per match, and we have three more scheduled for 2018. Target postmark deadline for the current match is 31 August.

Parking Notice

As a public service announcement for Paradise Outdoors, Randy has requested that on mach Saturdays all DEGS competitors park to the left of the porta john. In order to allow for all compeitiors to park, you may create a second row of parking on the grass to the left of the porta john.

Match Count

There are still 8 relays left for the year and only 5 are needed to qualify for the raffle at the annual awards banquet. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next regularly scheduled match on September 15. Until then, hold hard and keep ‘em in the black.

Download complete match results for DEGS August 2018 Match