DEGS Garand Raffle winner 2014Every year since its founding in 2009, DEGS has awarded an M1 Garand rifle to one if its members. Usually in January of each year, we get together for our annual awards banquet where we enjoy some good barbeque, swap tall tales about our shooting accomplishments in the past year, and recognize excellence in marksmanship among our members by giving out a few awards. We also hold our Garand Drawing, which is only open to club members.

There are only two requirements to be eligible for the rifle drawing: 

  • Be a DEGS member in good standing
  • Participate in at least five matches (or relays) during the course of the year

Meet these criteria, and you will automatically be entered into the drawing. We usually have 20-25 members in the drawing, which makes for pretty good odds.


Mission Statement: Our goal is to promote the shooting sports, specifically with the M1 Garand, while supporting firearms safety, education, and marksmanship. From this and our desire to take us to the next level, the Vision Statement flowed allowing for our constitution and by-laws to support where we want to take the club.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to enlist and groom shooters to become the best they can be while supporting the Civilian Marksmanship Program and to assemble and support a shooting team to compete in local, state, or national events under the banner of “The Down East Garand Shooters.”

Our Constitution and By-Laws were drafted to ensure they supported our mission and forward-looking vision of the club. Please look over the enclosed documents that our club operates by. Through the by-laws, we have ensured the ability to continually refresh the leadership of the club with yearly elections. We feel this fosters the best ideas and abilities we have to continually come through the rank and file.

complete DEGS by-laws

complete DEGS constitution


Club Logo Images: Here are a couple of our logo images for anyone who would like to use them to help promote the club. If you need a vector format image, contact us. We have them!





Club Officers

In order to keep the club running smoothly and serve the needs of the membership, DEGS by-laws require the election of a President, Vice President/Secretary. Officers terms vary by position and are chosen by election at the annual meeting.

Any DEGS member in good standing is eligible to run for an officer position.  Elections are held at the year-end banquet, and every club member is entitled to vote in the election, whether present at the banquet or not.

The 2016 government is:

President: Chris Kurek

Vice President/Secretary: Bill Cale

Treasurer: Jason Cisarano

Statistician: Chris Hymen

RSO: Don McLane

To contact any of the officers, please use the club email.