The Down East Garand Shooters held their third annual awards banquet at the Pig Palace on January 21st. After a magnificent feast, outstanding awards for the 2011 shooting season were presented. The awards for most improved shooter and high were also presented. This year’s most improved shooter was Jimmy Varner who’s 2011 average score improved 14 points over 2010. High shooter honors this year went to Lenn Norment with a score of 288-4X.

This year’s banquet was the most successful to date. The club’s net worth increased by over $500. A very special thank you goes Dennis Owens winner of the 50/50. DEGS has become a family affair for the Owens’ over the last year. Dennis is a shooter in the senior division and his son Clay is active in the juniors’ division. Whether Clay is shooting in a juniors’ match, or Dennis is shooting with the seniors Mrs. Owens has been present at the matches supporting both her husband and her son. Dennis was especially generous at this year’s banquet donating his portion of the winnings from the 50/50 back to the club, a sum of $153. Dennis’ donation help to make this year’s banquet not only the most enjoyable but also the most profitable to date.

The pinnacle of this year’s banquet was the drawing for CMP Service Grade Special M1 Garand. The rifle was received in June and has been available for viewing at the matches this summer. As the drawing progressed, everyone eligible eagerly anticipated that their name would not be the next called. The last member standing was Tammy Atchison who outlasted 23 other eligible members.

Thanks to all shooters who were present and those that were present in spirit. I look forward to seeing everyone at the matches this year.

Hold hard and keep ‘em in the black.


Chris Kurek


Down East Garand Shooters