I recently bought a Big Blue Scope stand and it was missing a few parts. It was in need of a couple of knobs, a screw, and the female side of the scope mounting bracket. This bracket is a specialized piece, specific to this particular scope head. In order to make the scope head operable, I had to have this bracket. I contacted Creedmoor Sports and they referred me to the manufacturer of the Big Blue stands, Competition Machine Inc.

So I called the phone number and the owner, Gary Elisio, answered. I told him of my incomplete scope head and asked him if he could send me the needed parts. Gary explained that his company had not made those scope stands and heads since 2009 and the parts were obsolete. He then offered to look around his business and see what parts may be put away. I sent him some pictures of the parts and really did not expect him to find any of them. Well a day later he sent me an email and told me that he found the bracket and one of the knobs that I needed. He sent them to me and did not charge me a dime. With these parts, I can make this scope stand and head operational. What a good person he is to help me out like this.

Gary Elisio is the owner of Competition Machine Inc. in Anaheim, CA. The name of the company's web site is gotxring.com. They build long range shooting products. Those members who are interested in long range tactical, f-class competition, or hunting please take a look at Gary's web site. I recommend this company for great business practices as they sure helped me.

Best Regards,
Tony Simonetti